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The interesting places in Tawau are all about getting closer to Mother Nature. The places are for people to get away from busy lives. Nothing is more relaxing than being far away from the noisy & busy city. There are several places that you can visit while spending your time in Tawau.

Mataking Island
Luxury, tranquility and sheer beauty awaits you at The Reef Dive Resort in Mataking Island Off East Coast of Sabah, Malaysia.

Powdery sand, crystal clear turquoise water and enchanting reefs. Caressed by the tropical sea breeze, our luxurious beach villas, exquisite chalets and cosily decorated garden view deluxe rooms with open terrace offer unparalleled view of the Celebes Sea.

With an easy access to the beach, stroll down for a soulful retreat of exclusively within the island. Scattered along the eastern shore of our paradise island are our eight newly built beach chalets and four semi detached beach chalets with interconnecting doors to accommodate families or groups, which are located next to our sea turtle hatchery.

Pamper yourself at Jamu Spa which offers a host of invigorating spa package using traditional technique to calm the senses.

Situated along the Alice Channel and surrounded by many islands with the riches of the sea. Our fully equipped PADI 5 STAR Dive Centre and enchanting House Reef diving with shipwrecks will provide you with a memorable & enlightening experiences.

Boat trip to the well renowned ‘Sipadan Island” can also be arranged.

Maliau Basin
Also known as Sabah Lost World.  Discover different species of pitcher plan and orchids.  Main Significant wildlife species recorded include the rare and endangered Sumatran Rhino and proboscis monkey, along with over 182 birds species. 16 waterfalls have so far been discovered including the Basin seven-tiered-spcetacular Maliau Falls and northern rim of the Basin lies the fabled Lake Linumunsut, Sabah’s only true lake. There is a 30 M high canopy observation platform  located at Camel Trophy Camp. Activities include, Jungle Trekking,  Wildlife observation, bird watching and night walks, Night drives to spot wildlife along the access road and Waterfall swimming and recreation.

Tawau Hills Park
About 45 minutes drive from Tawau Town located in the south-eastern Sabah is the Tawau Hills Park.  The dominant vegetation in the park is the lowland forest.  With increasing attitude above 1000 meter lowland, orchids are abundant and discover the most spectacular within the park, the Elephant’s Ear Orchid. Wildlife is quite common but the animals tend to be shy and are not easily seen. Long tailed macaques Red-Leaf monkeys are common. Occasionally a troop of white monkeys can also be sighted. Other common animals include The Forest Tortoise, Giant Tree Squirrels, Civet-Cat and even Clouded Leopards, Hornbills and other forest binds are abundant in the park. Visitors can enjoy the facilities at the park such as crystal clear river for swimming, spectacular waterfall, picnic area, barbecue stands, suspension bridge, public shelter, jungle trails and canteen. There are also camping grounds.

Balung River Plantation
Located only 45 minutes drive from Tawau.  This mature estate lies adjacent to the virgin rainforest of the Tawau Hills National Park and is divided by the clear running waters of the Balung River.  For those seeking peace and tranquillity in beautiful surroundings, this is the ideal getaway. One can go swimming in Balung River, jungle trekking, bird watching and mountain biking here. 

Bukit Gemok
Gemok Forest Resort is situated 10 km from the city centre of Tawau. This forest resort consists of a small hill named Gemok Hill. On top of Gemok Hill, one can see the panoramic beauty of the city of Tawau.  The breeze and the sacredness of this forest resort can sooth the mind of any visitor.

Taman Air Tawau
With only 25 minutes drive from town, you will reach Taman Air Tawau - View Top Resort, a destination to relax with its cool air and away from the busy streets.  With its greenery landscape, the mini zoo, the activities, one tend to forget the time where chalets are also available at an affordable price for visitors who wish to stay the night. Another interesting fact about this place is, on the upper level, 1400 feet from sea level, is a place named View Top Resort.  A place where fresh and cool air tingles you while you view the whole city of Tawau, with the help of binoculars of course, available upon request.

Madai Cave
The Cave, lying between Lahad Datu and Tawau in clearly visible for about 30 KM. Harvesting of birds nest is a hereditary right of the Idahan people, a local tribe in Sabah. The two major groups of animal that makes the cave their home are the birds and the bats. The swiftlets are out foraging during the day and only return to roost at night. The bat on the other hand, sleep during the day and search for food at night. The swiftlets white nests are Sabah prized delicacy. Its first nest is thick and tinted with blood, the second nest which is the most valuable is whiter and thinner. The nests are built of gummy secretion from the bird's salivary glands. Madai is also one of Sabah’s most important archeological sites.

Danum Valley Conservation Area
One of the last remaining reserved of primary lowland rainforest. This area is said to have the world’s most complex birds eco-system.  Home to over 250 bird species, reptiles amphibian, fishes and insects, its uniqueness in the forests covering over 90% of the area, a haven for various indigenous plant species and over 110 mammalias, including the Sumatran Rhino, clouded Leopard, Orang Utan and Proboscis Monkeys. An untouched paradise in the heart of the natural world, it is located 80 KM inland from Lahad Datu. Viewing platform and the 27 metre high tree top canopy walkway gives a majestic view of the forest and is perfect for bird watching. Engage an experienced guide to lead you on a night drive in search of nocturnal creatures.




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